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    Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits, 1960


    Psychic TV - I. C. Water (CD Version) (1990)

    A decade after Ian Curtis chose to make his own exit, his friend and mutual inspiration Genesis P. Orridge released this tribute to him.  I found it in a long-gone back street record shop in Brighton, unaware it even existed but thrilled to discover it.  Flicking through the vinyl, the top half of the sleeve with the iconic image was an instant draw, even before I saw who it was by or even what it was called.

    I don’t imagine Gen would be so gauche as to call a long mix a ‘cd version’ now but they were new technology then and even rock stars get awed by new toys.

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ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Bring on the dancing horses

    ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Bring on the dancing horses



    Too sleepy to keep his eyes open. He’s such a morning fox! 

    omfg so cute 

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    Marilyn Monroe photographed for How To Marry A Millionaire , 1953